Different Types of Security Gates Kent for Residential Properties

July 28th, 2021

If you want to maintain safety, then steel work in Kent is needed to be done. Our expert engineers of BTM Engineering & Fabrication Ltd suggest installing an automatic gate to maintain the security system as it can preserve the entry point. You may have seen various types of residential security gates. Have a look at some durable security gates as follows:

  1. Sliding Security Gate System

The sliding gates are easy to open and it can help you protect your property. These gates move laterally in a sliding way. You don’t need much maintenance for the sliding steel gate. You may easily maintain this gate because it is easy to open and operate.

  1. Swing Gate Design

 The swing gate design is made of the steel work Kent. This gate can be swing up at 180 degrees each. These types of gates are installed with sloped driveways connected to the ground. Moreover, the swing gates are installed, so that you can easily drive and enter any type of vehicles.

  1. Commercial and Residential Security Gates

Nowadays, crime and corruption had increased so much. Therefore, security is needed to be maintained. If you want to install a durable gate in your house, you can choose the steel and metal gates because those are the best choices.

The business security gates are made of lightweight, strong, and corrosion-resistant steel. So, it is easy to maintain and it can last longer.

  1. Cantilever Slide Gate

 This gate is quite similar to a slide gate, but its industrial slide design is quite similar to other ground tracks. The back roller security gates are an excellent gate to maintain. Moreover, the matte-finish appearance of the steel gate gives a chic appearance. 

The cantilever slide gate is an uncommon style that is the reason people love to install the cantilever slide gate.

  1. Vertical Lift Gates

 The vertical lift gate can move upward along with the sideways or outward. This gate has twin-lifting columns with the vehicular opening so that any type of vehicle can enter inside the buildings. 

The vertical lift gates are suitable with an aesthetical setting and design. Moreover, the vertical lift gate is spacious, so people prefer this type of liftgate for their house.

  1. Bi-Folding Gates

The bi-folding gates are often found in the zoo and the museums. These types of steel work gates are also known as an automatic folding security gate. A simple switch helps in automatically opening the bi-folding gates easily. The bi-folding gate is one of the smoothest gates.

To Sum Up  

The expert team of BTM Engineering & Fabrication Ltd can install the aforesaid security gates Kent in your home and office. If you want to install the above-mentioned gates, then contact us on 01634 246 342. 

You may also email us at btmengineering@aol.com to know more about us. Visiting our website can also help you know about various types of gates for both residential and commercial areas.